May 1-2, 2020

Fielder Church – South Oaks Campus Arlington, TX

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Want to Reach Muslims for Christ?

The 2020 MBB Conference serves to equip believers that have a heart to reach Muslims for Christ. This two-day conference includes powerful sessions, discussions, and opportunities to connect with MBBs (Muslim Background Believers). Each session explores topics related to the understanding of and outreach toward Muslims in local and global communities. Any believer with a heart to see Muslims know Christ is encouraged to attend!

Why An MBB Conference?

Islam is currently the fastest-growing religion in the United States.  Each day, either through immigration, conversion or families growing, the Muslim population continues to climb.  Christ has been faithful in reaching hearts and minds of our Muslim neighbors!  But accepting Christ as Savior often comes at a cost.  Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) frequently fight isolation and rejection.

The MBB Conference is an annual conference serving as a way for former Muslims who have put their faith in Jesus Christ to connect with church community leaders, each other, AND YOU!

What To Expect

We host a two-day conference designed to connect MBBs and educate believers on Islam and effectively reaching Muslims for Christ.  Guest speakers of diverse educations and backgrounds–the majority are MBBs themselves–will be exploring numerous topics related to reaching out to local Muslims and equipping guests to do the same.  Our conference includes plenary speakers, breakout sessions, exhibitor booths and ethnic cuisine!

2019 Speakers & Past Topics


I got so much out of this conference! I learned how God is reaching people from Muslim backgrounds, I learned what I can do to be more effective in conversations with my Muslim friends, and I made so many helpful contacts with other people interested in bringing God’s light to Muslim peoples.
Derrah, Dallas, TX
We thoroughly enjoyed this years conference. Our initial hesitations and reluctancies to engage Muslim people in spiritual conversations is now non existent. We are excited to be able to more effectively and lovingly share the good news of our Lord and Savior with Muslims. Thank you so much!
David & Katie, Duncanville, TX
I was thoroughly blessed by attending this conference. I work in a school where many of the staff and families are Muslims. I feel that I have been placed in that school by God to be an intercessor for these dear people. The testimonies from MBBs were highly inspirational, and encouraged me to continue on praying for open doors to share “Isa” with the Muslims whom I come in contact with.
Pam, Carrollton, TX
Like a lot of Americans, I was fearful of Muslims. I bought into the lies. In 2007, God began a work in my heart to attend this conference, so that I might come to know His Muslim people. When I learned how close Muslims are to the Truth and to hear the sacrifices that MBBs have made to follow Christ, it broke my heart. I will never be the same; I will go to the ends of the earth to show His Muslim people the love of Christ.
Scott, Dallas, TX
I had a great experience at the MBB Conference this year. The sessions were well organized and we could go to our topics of choice. I learned no matter the persecution in the Muslim world, the Lord is bringing many to Christ through visions, dreams and miracles. There is Hope!

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