“I never heard my father say, ‘I love you.'”

Nadia, a Muslim girl from North Africa, grew up always feeling less valued than her brothers. Her father would often tell her how he wished she was a boy. Verbal and physical abuse from her father was a regular part of her life growing up until her parents separated and her family moved to Europe. While there, she often faced discrimination as a Muslim immigrant, and she found few people to befriend her.

One day as a young adult she met a man who was different than any she had met before. This American man shared with her that God had told him he would meet his future wife in Europe, and he thought that woman was Nadia. “Good luck with that,” she first replied. But soon a relationship blossomed and they ended up happily married a several months later.

After coming to the U.S. with her new husband, Nadia encountered more Christians and started having dreams where Jesus would appear and comfort her. She would dream of other unusual events, and each time finding out later that these were events already mentioned in the Bible.

When her husband said he wanted to have a Bible study in their home, she initially resisted, but she eventually found herself listening in on the conversations these Christians were having, fascinated also at how they prayed.

After several months it came time for her first child to be born, and there were complications. She was in labor for many hours when the doctors determined both her life and that of her child were in danger. The hospital minister and her husband encouraged her to cry out to Jesus.

Finally, just before she was about to be rushed into the operating room, she cried out to Jesus and said, “Yes, I believe. Save me, Jesus!” Just then God touched her body miraculously, and her child was safely and naturally delivered.

After coming to Christ, Nadia often felt alone. She was the only person in her families’ history to believe in Christ. Nadia soon recounted to her mother how God saved her and her baby’s life as she called upon Jesus. He family was astonished and dismayed that she had become a Christian. Nadia’s mother said, “You’re crazy! As an Arab and a Muslim, you might be the only one to ever believe in Jesus!” “I couldn’t believe that,” Nadia said. “I just knew there had to be others who had left Islam and come to Christ.”

Through Christ, Nadia began to experience a love that she had never known before. Even though her earthly father had not shown love to Nadia, she now flourished with joy and hope from the love of her heavenly Father. God’s love had transformed Nadia’s life.

Soon after, Nadia heard about the MBB (Muslim Background Believers) Conference through a Christian friend. “When I came, I was shocked to see so many other former Muslims like me who had come to trust in Jesus.” Nadia found the conference to be an incredible life-changing moment in her life. She was able to connect with other MBB’s and Christians who wanted to be equipped to reach Muslims. Through the conference, Nadia saw that she wasn’t alone and she learned powerful ways to share her faith in Christ with other Muslims.

Today, God is prompting her to share about her faith decision with the rest of her family – her father, in particular. Please join us in praying for Nadia as she shares what Christ has done with her family. Pray for her courage, protection, and for God to reveal Himself to her father even now.

Nadia’s story is all too common for many MBB’s. Former Muslims often feel and experience separation from their family and culture because of their faith in Christ. If you want to learn how to share your faith effectively with Muslims, the MBB Conference is for you! You’ll be able to connect with MBB’s and learn how to reach the Muslim world through powerful testimonies like Nadia’s.


God is calling us to reach out to Muslims with the love of Christ.

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“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”
Luke 10:2